Fabtek Inc. was a thriving video kit company founded in Bellevue, Washington, United States and started its operations there in 1987. Fabtek's name was derived from the initials of its founder Frank Ballouz (F.A.B.-tek), a former Atari and Nintendo of America executive who later also founded Irem America. Fabtek was known for licensing arcade games mostly from two manufacturers for distribution: Seibu Kaihatsu and TAD Corporation. Around 1990, Fabtek moved to Redmond, Washington and continued its business there until closing its business in 1999.

Games distributed by FabtekEdit

Licensed from Seibu KaihatsuEdit

Licensed from TAD CorporationEdit

  • Cabal (1988)
  • Toki (1989)
  • Blood Bros. (1990)
  • Legionnaire (1992)
  • Heated Barrel (1992)


  • Sport Match (1989) (produced by Dynax)
  • Super Space Fortress Macross (arcade game) (1992) (produced by Banpresto)
  • Jungle Joggers (1992)
  • Super Mario World (redemption game) (1993) (licensed by Nintendo)
  • Battle Garegga (1996) (produced by 8ing/Raizing)
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