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The Lasercopters, as seen in Raiden II, attempting to destroy the Raiden mk-II.

Lasercopters are a group of common enemies present throughout the main Raiden series, appearing in every stage of the games.


The Lasercopter's powers are pretty much simple, because the only attacks they have are a fast charge from the top of the screen, and fire one bullet, and speed off. Because of this, they are considered the easiest enemies in the main series.


The Lasercopters appear in every installment in the main Raiden series as common enemies, usually being away from the player's reach, but the Lasercopters are the easiest enemies to deal with. They also appear in Raiden X in every stage of the game, but in the last three levels, not as often.


The Lasercopters, as they appeared in Raiden X.

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