The Radar Missiles are a new secondary weapon introduced in the Raiden series. They are a pair of 2, purple missiles that attempt to align with upcoming enemies and then unleash an explosion. They act as a combination of the nuclear missiles and the homing missiles, as the radar missiles demonstrate traits of both classic secondary weapons. They can be obtained via purple "R" power-ups.

Description Edit

The radar missiles first appear in Raiden III, a revival to the classic series. The weapon can be obtained by collecting purple "R" power-up beacons that will be released after destroying specific crates or from a fairy. When equipped, the weapon will consist of a pair of purple missiles that take on an appearance similar to the nuclear variants, and when fired, the missiles will align up with any incoming enemies, a tactic similar to the homing missiles. The missiles will then fly straightforward and explode upon contact with the enemy, unleashing a reasonably sized explosion.

Upgrading the missiles will increase the size of missiles as well as their fire rate and damage output.

Performance Edit

 Due to their many similarities to the other two missile variants, the radar missiles can be considered as a combination of both the nuclear and homing missiles, as they will attempt to align with enemies in order to successfully destroy them, and the then fly straightforward and unleash an explosion that will deal additional damage to any nearby enemies in addition to the initial foe.  The missiles act as an all-around secondary weapon, having nearly the outstanding power of the nuclear missiles, as well as sub-par accuracy to that of the homing missiles, and thus can be used in situations suitable for either of the other missile types.

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