The Dictator is the main antagonist of the Raiden Fighters series, leading the enemy nation and its predating rebellion.

Raiden Fighters 2 Edit

Four years after losing a war due to actions of the Raiden Fighters, the Dictator and his remnant forces had been routed and overthrown from power, and the roles of government forces and rebels are reversed. At some point, he formed a rebel uprising, regained power and declared a new government system. Eventually, the Dictator's military unified under the old leadership of the ousted leader, declared a new nation (an unrecognized state) and utilized the four years' time very well to produce and develop array of new state-of-the-art arsenals. After four years, the ousted Dictator's military took revenge on his enemies with his newly built forces and weaponry. In response to these surprise attacks, the newfound government recalls the previous pilots of Raiden Fighters squadron into action once again, outfitted with their own retooled ordnance and arsenals and launched an operation to destroy the former dictator's military.

The campaign, codenamed Operation Hell Dive, saw the majority of Dictator's force overwhelmed and destroyed by the Raiden Fighters. The Government forces were gaining ground once more.

Eventually, the Raiden Fighters launched an all-out attack on the Dictator's headquarters. All of his forces tried to hold them back, but to no avail. Cornered and without much more firepower, the Dictator proceeded to make a last stand with his personal attack aircraft, codenamed Red Eye, and directly challenged the Raiden Fighters. After an intense battle, the Red Eye was sent crashing to the ground, taking the Dictator and his hopes of a new nation with it.