Xeno Fighters EX (currently Xeno Fighters R) is a non-profit fan-made vertical shooter by JudgeSpear, the original creator of the popular online download game, "Mushroom Kingdom Fusion". The game has many Raiden features, as well as using music from some of the Raiden games like Raiden II and Raiden IV.

Story Edit

A coallition of aliens and human turncoats, the BRES (Black Reach Eternal Stratocracy) attempts to take over the Earth by using time travel. A group of brave pilots set out to stop BRES before it's too late.

Raiden appearancesEdit

The Raiden mk-II appears as a playable ship in the game, and retains it's powers from the Raiden Fighters series. Recently in the EX-R version, the Raiden mk-IIβ was made playable, and like it's red counterpart, it retains it's powers from the Raiden Fighters series. The Miclus is also a hidden bonus item, in which you shoot it to gain points.

External LinksEdit

JudgeSpear's YouTube channel

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thumb|300px|left|The Raiden mk-IIβ's first inclusion into the game thumb|300px|left|Blue Javelin's first inclusion into the game. thumb|300px|left|A score attack featuring the Judge Spear star-fighter.

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